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The Geek to Geek Podcast

Two life-long geeks discussing video games and pop culture. Tightly focused discussions on specific topics drive the show. Striving to illustrate that it is entirely possible to be mega-geeks and responsible adults, the Void and Beej want to be your friend and create and open and positive geek community for everyone.



No matter what your geektitude is, it makes you unique, but with great geektitude comes great responsibility. The geeky community is often one of bitterness, exclusion and strife, so let’s pool our knowledge, resources, and skills to create a community that we can all be a part of without judgement.

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The Comic Box

Join fanboy Rob each week for comic book headlines and reviews, weekly pull list suggestions and lots and lots of ranting. It’s like having a friendly comic book geek with you at all times! In a constant struggle to find a co-host, all he has is Liam.


Geek Fitness Health Hacks

Beej used to be fat. Now he’s not. Start your fitness quest with him, and you’re going to be picking up heavy things and putting them back down, wearing holes in the soles of your running shoes, and still checking Mr. Robot for incorrect shell commands. sudo apt-get itunes-subscribe