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Don’t Write for Free (and Other Lessons I’ve Learned)

A long time ago, in a professorbeej blog far away, I wrote a post about writing. I wrote it when I was teaching, using the summers I had off to write my novels. So I wrote it with novelists in mind. But as life progressed, and I actually became a professional blogger,...

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My Blog Relaunch or Reboot or…Something

Ten years ago, I started and became a blogger. Now, a decade later, I am bringing back the pop culturey goodness with ‘Professorbeej is Awesome’ and want you to join in on the fun.

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We are wherever you are!

The most important thing to us is our listener community. So whether you use Slack for work and want to hang out, Discord for play and wanna group up, or just keep Reddit open to see what's going on, someone like you is there and wants to be friends.