I started blogging 10 years ago with professorbeej.com. I was an academic at the time, finishing my Master’s degree, and totally into pop culture. Heck, I was planning on getting my PhD in it. (I got one class in and decided that wasn’t the life I wanted.) I had tons of thoughts about gaming and movies and TV and books, so I started my Professorbeej blog and that was that.

I made a ton friends and connections, many of whom I am still in contact with today — including your favorite Geek to Geek co-host Void.

A bit later on, I moved on from pop culture blogging, let Professorbeej die, and moved to Geek Fitness. I wrote about my 150-pound weight loss and transition from lazy supergeek to fitness junkie supergeek. Again, I made a ton of friends and connections and had a blast doing it. But the geeky fitness blogosphere is kind of ooky when you dig a little deeper, and there are some big egos, shady dealings, and general unpleasantness that I didn’t want to deal with anymore.

(Such as a certain nerdy workout website buying the $1,500+ .com of my TLD that I couldn’t afford, redirecting it to their site, and making my already-modest organic traffic plummet into Not Worth It territory).

Which Brings Me To…

…where I am today. I started rebrandingĀ Geek Fitness into runningshoes.tv earlier this year, but it hasn’t ever felt totally right. Partially because I never gave it the attention it deserved (because reasons). I am gonna be working on that one, though, and trying to get a real feel for where it needs to be as a project. So that’s half of my Blog Relaunch or Reboot or…Something.

The Other Half

The other half, friendos, is this blog here. Since Geek Fitness never really felt like a great home to both pop culture commentary and fitnessy stuff, I decided to split the baby in half. runningshoes.tv will handle all my running-related adventures, while the new-and-improved Relaunch or Reboot or…Something of my old Professorbeej blog — aptly re-titled for the modern era as Professorbeej is Awesome — will be where you get the pop culturey goodness that I just can’t fit into an episode of Geek to Geek.

Blogging Isn’t Dead

You hear a lot of folks say that blogging is dead. Because of podcasts and YouTube, people just aren’t reading blogs anymore. Which is totally and completely untrue. I mean, I make my living blogging about WordPress, so that’s a pretty good indication there’s still life in the old girl yet.

Blogging has, however, changed over the past decade. Ten years ago, the blogging community was much more tightly knit than we are today. Our sites were connected through comments sections of posts and blogrolls. We used Twitter, but the main conversations happened on our sites.

That’s not how it is now. We use Discord to talk, and folks listen to podcasts or watch videos on YouTube and then tweet their responses at us. For some folks, their site’s blog is just where show notes for their podcast lives. And maybe discussion happens in the comments of the embedded YouTube video.

That doesn’t mean blogging is dead. It just means it’s changed.

So I am going to try to change with it. I have no clue exactly what Professorbeej is Awesome is gonna be in the end, but bringing an old friend back from the dead just feels…right.

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  1. Marathal

    I recently left Twttter. I had left before and had folks ask me to come back, and I did twice. This time I am gone for good. Like anything else, the format there is changing also. It has changed into something that I just could not deal with any longer. It is a virtual minefield that one misspoken word of joke can start a firestorm or tweets and subtweets branching out to followers, and followers of followers. I started muting people, when I started seeing retweets on topics I had no interest in seeing pop up, I would block the topic, not the person. When I found myself looking at blocking the people I followed because of WoW, I decided that it was better that I leave. Too often a person blocks someone, and that causes it’s own level of drama. I even briefly explored MySpace once again. But even that format has changed. I am glad to see blogging has not faded away. I hope to do my best for Blaugust and beyond.

    • B.J. Keeton

      I can’t bring myself to leave Twitter, despite there being a lot of the issues that you bring up. I haven’t blocked PEOPLE on the platform, but I have started to use the Mute Keyword feature so that I wouldn’t see the absurd number of political retweets and other stuff that made my respite more stressful.

      I just love talking to people on such an open platform. That’s really the only issue I’ve had with Discord and Slack and such — it’s a private, external place where not everyone can just jump in. For that matter, so are comments on a blog, which is one reason I am debating keeping them open on a site-wide basis here. I have seen a lot of people talking that because of Twitter and Discord and other community tools that blog comments, while bringing up great discussion points, tend to be left behind these days because folks don’t come back to read what has been said.

      However, they do actually get indexed for SEO purposes, so if it’s a blog you’re wanting to go viral or get organic traffic, they’re not a bad idea to keep on.


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