This week on The Comic Box:

It’s all SDCC, all the time! In this very special episode, Liam joins me as we go through all the new comic-related trailers that came out of this year’s Comic Con.

We argue over whether the Suicide Squad should even happen, Liam rustles his beard right in my frakkin microphone (for the ladies), and even the man’s stomach weighs in. It’s opinion? We have no idea. We don’t speak stomach. It sure was loud, though.

One other thing: due to my limited storage space (I ain’t rich, kids), this may have to do it for this week’s episode. I’ll definitely be back next week with more news and reviews, though!

Reviewed This Week:

All sorts of trailers. Like, a lot of them.

This Week’s Suggested Read:

Youtube. Go to youtube and just search “SDCC trailer,” and enjoy the next hour or two of your life. SO MANY TRAILERS!

Thoughts? Reading Suggestions? Haikus?

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